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Your Guide to the World of Robotics


Activity Sheets

Fun activities to keep kids entertained while they learn about robots

Robots! Robots! Robots! This set of fun activity worksheets is a perfect introduction to the amazing world of robots.

The activities are meant to be intuitive and clear, with little direction needed so that it's easy for most kids to do the work independently. We think these activities can be enjoyed by kids age 6 to 12, though older kids (and adults!) may want to explore some of them, too.

The sheets can be printed out or done on a computer. Some activities require that kids use this website to learn more about some of the robots; other activities, however, don't require access to the site.

This material is free. If you'd like to support this project, please consider making a donation. We're regularly updating this site, and we'll continue to improve the activity sheets too. Have fun with robots!

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This set of worksheets is saved in PDF format. Some browsers, like Chrome and Safari, will display the PDF and you can print the sheets direclty from the browser. Firefox will ask if you want to save the PDF to your computer; use a PDF program to open and print the file.

Other languages

We're trying to make the activity sheets available in as many languages as possible. We currently have the following versions:





For helping us with the translations, we sincerely thank Vanessa Serrano (Spanish), Fan Shi (Chinese), and Thilo Zimmermann and Karin Roehricht (German).

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For teachers

The ROBOTS website is used in hundreds of schools all over the world as part of STEM education and introduction to robotics programs. We're happy if you'd like to use the site and the worksheets with your students. And if you have suggestions or would like to share your STEM and robot teaching experiences, please reach out to us.

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