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Your Guide to the World of Robotics


STEM Resources

Sites that support STEM education is IEEE’s comprehensive educational portal on engineering and engineering careers, with a wide range of resources to help educators and families understand the engineering component of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math).


For Educators: Searchable database of ready to use lesson plans, categorized by targeted age range. TryEngineering lesson plans are aligned to international educational standards and can support teachers looking to easily integrate engineering curriculum in the classroom. TryEngineering Together is the IEEE’s educational eMentoring platform to connect scholars with real-world engineers.


For Families: Participate in a TryEngineering Summer Camp, play games, learn how to get into engineering, reap profiles of real-world engineers, discover potential majors and universities, find scholarships, competitions, activities and more.


For Professionals and Companies: Become an eMentor with TryEngineering Together, and find resources for Engineering, Technology and Computing accreditation worldwide.

Written by Erico GuizzoDate published: 2018-08-01Date modified: 2020-05-28

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