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ROBOTS and IEEE are grateful for the generous support of our sponsors. We can't say it enough: Thank you!

Founding Sponsors

Walt Disney Imagineering is the unique, creative force behind Walt Disney Parks and Resorts that dreams up, designs and builds all Disney theme parks, resorts, attractions, cruise ships, real estate developments, and regional entertainment venues worldwide. Imagineering’s unique strength comes from the dynamic global team of creative and technical professionals building on the Disney legacy of storytelling to pioneer new forms of entertainment through technical innovation and creativity. The name “Imagineering” combines imagination with engineering. Building upon the legacy of Walt Disney, Imagineers bring art and science together to turn fantasy into reality and dreams into magic. Learn more 

The IEEE Robotics & Automation Society (RAS) strives to advance innovation, education, and fundamental and applied research in robotics and automation for the benefit of members, the profession, and humanity. RAS provides aid in promoting close cooperation and exchange of technical information among its members and affiliates, and to this end holds meetings for the presentation of papers and their discussion, sponsors appropriate periodicals and special technical publications, and through its committees studies and provides for the needs of its members and affiliates. RAS has nearly 15,000 members worldwide and is the sixth largest society in the IEEE. Learn more 

Our sponsors are organizations that are passionate about robotics and STEM education. They enable all of the ROBOTS content to be open and free to everyone. Join us in showing the world how incredible robots are and help nurture the next-generation of engineers and roboticists. Contact us for more details.